is a company that introduces to the World, innovative solutions on automation the cash operations, actively developing its business introducing know-how.

Who We Are?

We are MASTERCASH INTERNATIONAL Co. Ltd., is an international company providing solution in automating cash handling processes in the world. We offer you high quality solutions from global manufacturers and care maintenance of supplied equipment in every region of the world.  We were established in 2008 with goal to bring you exclusive products, professional service, with wide experience and deep relations with Manufacturers, we offer solutions that could satisfy any requirement. We monitor every changes and requirements for cash operations equipment and we bring you adapted solution to your any inquiry. This is what makes MASTERCASH INTERNATIONAL different, because we strive to deliver quality products. Our service support provides warranty and post warranty service for all delivered equipments.  Confidence in reliability, accuracy and delivery rate, rigid adherence of warranty policy, high level of service and quality are reasons, why banks and organizations chose MASTERCASH INTERNATIONAL as their preferred supplier and partner.

Our values

OUR VALUES  We are promoting technical and technological progress. We are united by our mission and work for the benefit of society.  We build relationships with business partners based on trust and respect.

Our work

We welcome the change – as it brings progress and development.

We learn something new every day.

We strive to introduce new ideas. Initiative is encouraged. We are resourceful.

We are jointly looking for optimal solutions.

We think about the future. We assess the impact of our actions today in the long term.

Our principles in communication

We are ready for dialogue. Positive and negative information is discussed openly. We are able to solve problems. Criticism is perceived constructively.

Autorization Letters

Here below you can see autorization letters from our partners.

Product list

When money is at the core of your business, when speed and reliability is your reputation and accuracy is your image, team up with MASTERCASH INTERNATIONAL. We offer you high quality solutions from global manufacturers and care maintenance of supplied equipment in every region of the world.

Currency counters and sorters

Billcon N-series

Download information about Billcon N-series

NexBill KL-series

Download information about NexBill KL-series

Cassida 5550

Download information about Cassida 5550

Cassida Advantec75

Download information about Cassida Advantec75

Cassida Titanium

Download information about Cassida Titanium

Vacuum packagers

VAMA BP-series

Download information about VAMA BP-series

Counterfeit detectors

Cassida 2300

Download information about Cassida 2300

Cassida 3300

Download information about Cassida 3300

Queue management systems


Download information about Q-Net systems

Safe-deposit Boxes


Download information about Shinjin safe-deposit boxes

Vault Doors


Download information about Shinjin Vault Doors

What we offer

Stability – MASTERCASH INTERNATIONAL has shown stable growth as a company for the past 6 years.

A wide range of products - Equipment in all price categories, a wide range of technical solutions.

Technical support - The entire range of banking equipment is supplied with a 1 year warranty or more.

Portfolio - of the best known brands in the field of banking equipment.

Ability to adapt - Strong relationships with manufacturers allows us to work on adapting technology and products to local specifications.

Striving to be the first - The Company’s strategy focuses on continued growth and development, both internally and externally.

Our Partners


    South Korea
  • BILLCON Corporation

  • Cassida Corporation

  • VAMA Maschinenbau GmbH

  • Q-Net International Ltd.

  • Axon Business Systems LLC



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